Little Ethiophia

By: Linda Walton from 3rd Street Villager LA

"Ethnic and cultural diversity is found in any major city in the United States. You have New York's Mott Street for Italian. San Francisco offers Grand Ave for Chinese. Los Angeles is proud to add Little Ethiopia to this cultural mix located on Fairfax Avenue. Although Washington, DC has the largest Ethiopian Community, Fairfax has the only Little Ethiopia in the country. Inaugurated two years ago, Little Ethiopia has miraculously changed from a blighted status to thriving community that guarantees a bright and promising future.

Pico Boulevard borders Little Ethiopia on the South and Olympic on the North. Both sides of the street are peppered with clothing stores, record shops, thrift stores, Ethiopian products, services and restaurants.

Due to the country's history of famine and world relief, Ethiopian food was never considered among the average diner. In the past, with exception to its own countrymen, world travelers, gourmets, or Vegans seeking a reprieve from Tofu; Ethiopian restaurants have been overlooked. Dear reader that was in the past. In the hear of Little Ethiopia is Messob Restaurant.

Messob Restaurant is located at 1041 South Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA. It is open 7 days a week, lunch and dinner from 11am to 11pm. Messob is the name for a serving table topped in conical shaped cover. Each Messob is hand woven from natural and dyed savannah grasses inter-twined into traditional African patterns. Along with the four surrounding chairs the Messob creates a warm intimate venue. Under the conical shaped cover is where the large tray of the evening meal is placed and shared by your guest. According to an Ethiopian expression, "People who eat from the same plate will never betray one another". Messob is one of the oldest Ethiopian restaurants in Los Angeles. Established in 1985 it has been located on Fairfax Avenue since 1989. Currently owned and operated by the Asfaw family; Messob remains the cornerstone to the community.

Most clientele come as referrals. Although there is no advertisement at this restaurant has been featured in the LA Times food section and Food review, Channel 9, KCET 30 minute special, Westside Weekly and Korean Times.

Frequented by Ziggy Marley, Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover, Lindsey Wagner, Wesley Snipes, numerous politicians and Ethiopian entertainers; Messob is undoubtedly the busiest restaurant in Little Ethiopia.

Messob menu offers exotic vegetarian, poultry, fish, lamb and beef. Each prepared with a unique combination of authentic herbs and spices. The sign out front reads 'We Sell Injera'.

Injera is a spongy flat unleavened bread, usually prepared from Teff (Ethiopian grown grain) Barley, Corn and Millet. It is served with Wot, a sauce which could be made of chicken, beef, lamb, fish or lentils, cooked with chopped shallots, red hot pepper, spiced butter, fresh ginger, cardamom, cumin and assorted spices. Messob offers the cultural experience of Gursha. The Ethiopian custom of giving Gursha plays up to the exotic component of eating. Gursha means mouthful and refers to a morsel of food which one places carefully into another's mouth usually as a gesture of affection. Messob also offers their coffee ceremony, which traditionally is social ritual, each neighbor taking his turn as host.

Messob Restaurant along with the Ethiopian Community extend their hand in friendship and welcome you to their culture and Little Ethiopia.

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Little Ethopia - ETHOPIA RESTO FEST 2011 Posted by admin last August 24, 2011 EST

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Little Ethopia - STREET FESTIVAL

Come celebrate culture and communitty with us.



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