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NEIGHBORLY ADVICE: To Fairfax and on to Ethiopia

Los Angeles Times, February 12, 2006

"There's a block-long section of South Fairfax Avenue that transports passersby to a distant land. In Little Ethiopia, the lively conversations are in Amharic and the pungent smells are from spices uncommon to most American palates. Be ready to pass the injera bread....

If you open, they will come. Restaurant-goers, that is. In search of greater foot traffic, Gebre-Mariam moved his restaurant, Rosalind's, onto Fairfax south of Pico Boulevard in 1988. Then Bernahu Asfaw, head of the Ethiopian Business Assn., bought the second restaurant.

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Food Section, found on the article

"As long as anyone can remember the short stretch of Fairfax Avenue south of Olympic has been a center of ethnic restaurants. For decades, the block was an Eastern European stronghold; later it became a Sunday-night Chinese restaurant district, before that moved west to the southern border of Beverly Hills. A few years ago, South Fairfax coalesced into something like the Ethiopian equivalent of Mulberry Street in Manhattan or Greektown in Detroit, an enclave where an Ethiopian could buy vegetables and dinnerware, get her hair done and stop for a cup of Ethiopian coffee-but also a tourist-friendly strip lined with restaurants that all essentially serve the same things.

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Best Ethiopian Restaurant in Little Ethiopia

Citysearch.com, February 12, 2006

"You get it all; the best service, the best food, and the best ethiopian experience. It seems like the food here just has a taste that no other ethiopian restaurant could beat. Almost all of my ethiopian friends say that Messob is the one that you want to try if its your first time. Come on the weekend and they have complimentary valet service, be sure to call ahead because it was pretty packed when i got there."

Pros: Excellent Service, Free Valet on Weekend, Best Food

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"Named after the Ethiopian communal serving basket, this place prides itself on creating an intimate atmosphere. Small tables surrounded by embroidered seats are arranged in tight circles to promote closeness. Everyone eats with his or her hands and patrons are encouraged to feed one another. The cooks use traditional ingredients-spiced butter, hot, dried chile paste, fresh hot chile paste, garlic, ginger and cardamom. Dishes include such items as Kifto-beef braised with butter and ginger-and vegetarian items like peas mixed with onions and garlic.

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A Los Angeles Vegetarian Web Magazine

We had been to Messob before, but just out of curiosity, we peeked into the other restaurants. Each had a character of its own, but Messob was the only one that was bustling with people. That was reassurance enough! We were escorted to our table by Hirut, a petite young Ethiopian woman with a beautiful smile....

The Ethiopian style of cooking includes a number of well-seasoned stews called wots. The wots are served with injera, a huge, flat, spongy, sourdough flavored pancake. At Messob they prepare ...

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Little Ethiopia

3rd Street Villager LA - by Linda Walton

Ethnic and cultural diversity is found in any major city in the United States. You have New York's Mott Street for Italian. San Francisco offers Grand Ave for Chinese. Los Angeles is proud to add Little Ethiopia to this cultural mix located on Fairfax Avenue. Although Washington, DC has the largest Ethiopian Community, Fairfax has the only Little Ethiopia in the country. Inaugurated two years ago, Little Ethiopia has miraculously changed from a blighted status to thriving community that guarantees a bright and promising future.

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Ethiopian History

3rd Street Villager LA - by Linda Walton

"Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Sub Saharan Africa. In 1974 fossils of the oldest known upright hominid, the 3.5 million year old “Lucy” was found there. The earliest evidence of Ethiopian History was in around 1000 BC when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon.

Solomon the King of Israel was a wealthy king with a brilliant mind. He exceeded all kings in riches and in wisdom. When Makeda the Queen of Sheba heard of the wisdom of King Solomon she had a...

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Quite tasty. Offers a great change from the usual run of the mill resturant. The staff is friendly and their dress is authentic.

Food is tasty and well prepared. Would most certainly go back again, and again and again...

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